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Chief Edet tapped the container of snuff with his right thumb starring at Okon with a stern look, his eyes darkened out of anger. “My son you are blabbing, we have not heard anything” Chief Edet yelled.
Take the list given to you by Chief Okuko and return after four market days with the requirements, and then we will talk.

Okon left Ikot Ndueeh with a heavy heart. What have I gotten myself into? He kept asking himself.

The distance between Ikot Ndue and Anueki was just a stone throw, but Okon walked through the paths lost in his thoughts. He took a decision to sell his only land close to the akam hill to raise some money.

The day of the Marriage was set.

The entire village gathered at Chief Asam’s compound to witness a one of a kind traditional marriage.

Music drinks and food kept some people merry, while others were worried and lost in heated debate.

Okon held Alice.
He looked at her lifeless body, she was made to sit close to him and tears welled up in his sunken eyes.

He remembere…


Sitting here in a banking hall, waiting to carry out my transaction.

A word was dropped in my spirit:

"Everything happens for a reason; agreed.

But you can make things happens in your own reason according to His will for your life. "

How? I asked. Through:

Prayer + Praise + Determination + Focus + Thanksgiving = things happening in your own reason.

Psalm 37:5 ESV

Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.

That's it!!! Committ your way to God and let Him act in your favour.

Let Him make things happen in your life for your own reason according to His will for your life.

Am so blessed by this word; I believe you too.