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Just this evening(don't roll your eyes👀, am in Africa; Nigeria to be precised); listening to one of Nathaniel Bassey's Song - This God is too good.
A line in the lyrics said "am the thoughts that feels His heart every morning, noon and night".

My mind immediately went to Jeremiah 29:11"For I know the thoughts I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."

Wow!💃 This lyric made me see this scripture in a different light this evening. God is always thinking💭 of you and I. He has us in mind always. His thoughts is always filled with you and I. Just as the thoughts of a groom is always filled with thoughts of his new bride. Which reminds us of Christ being the groom of the church and we the bride.

So why should you and I worry when God is always thinking of us. In short we should be giving Him more of what to think about us through prayer and praising Him for thinking of us.

He is a good God. He is thi…


Nonnie Robertson, "a reformer, conference speaker and business consultant with an  acute prophetic Grace". Has shared a testimony of how God terminated 10 years of unfruitfulness in life of one of her daughters. Read below:

"Our Gracious God has done it ,He has given us double for our trouble....I am a grandmother. God has added a bouncing baby girl and boy to one of my Faithful children.

After waiting for over 10yrs for the fruit of the womb,5 years later, she took in,our happiest day turned to our saddest day,the baby didn't make it.

My ever first burial was on their late baby girl 5years ago,I had to be strong for them as they handed me a carton containg less than a day old dead baby to go and bury.I sobbed as I asked God why?They couldn't come with me,as she was still in the hospital,her husband had to be in the hospital with her,I was the only one they could trust and handed over the dead baby,I called some of the church family and they went with me to the …


I made a post on Google+ this morning with a video attached to it. Encouraging us to believe in God for a way out and new directions.

And Donald (not his real name) made comment and a discussion began between us. I asked him if he was a born-again child of God and he replied that he was before. And gave me his reasons below:

"+Uduakobong Hanson well I was born into a Christian home and I had seen how terrible our world is. Being in a military family, as a child I heard all about people being injured or killed. The constant questions I always asked were, "why would God allow this to happen?", "is there a point to human life?" and "will God ever fix anything?". This was all started around the age of 4. Eventually the inquisition and knowledge I obtaines in school made me agnostic around the age of 13. Me not being so sure I used to use cognitive looping to justify a God until around 2014, I saw how the religious community treated homosexuals. All they …