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Let me start by asking you this question: What is your fear?
Each and everyone of us at one point in time had fears that prevented us from achieving our dreams and goals.
And this article is to help you recognize your fear(s) and face it(them).

Now using Norman Vincent Peale concept of overcoming our fears. Two magic words: Do It!
"Have you an idea?
Do you have a dream?
Do you have an ambition?
Have you some great impulses, some burning desire?
Are you defeated by something?
Are you afraid of something? " DO IT!

No one can attain great heights in life if he can't stand up and face his fears by taking a step towards realizing his dreams and goals. Either a long or short term goals.
What is it you think you can't do? You have the fear of speaking in public, singing in public or you just feel you are not good enough. Stand up and proof to yourself that you can.

Overcome your fear by taking a step towards what you fear and overcome it. Do the things you think you cannot…